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Online business is becoming streamlined and limiting privacy laws are discouraging buyers. The WHOIS database is now obscured from the public. This is a problem when authenticating that you actually own the site. When the WHOIS data could be seen and verified by both the selling and buying parties, it was easier.

Domain sales are still going on, but it takes a little longer. This makes sure both parties are NOT being scammed. During the transaction process, emails and phone calls will be mandatory so you know who you are doing business with. Are you ready to do business?
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Expect a purchase that is simple and direct as the entire process will be step-by-step until checkout. To find out who the owner of THIS site is, just call the office number 616.741.1800 or email


We offer full-service web design, domain sales, game and APP design. We understand your needs and we will do the best job to satisfy the biggest critic of all. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Wow.Ceo, Grand Rapids, 49548 Michigan

You can also contact us by phone 616.741.1800 or email, or you can send us a message.

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